Aroma Locally Made Candles

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Aroma Locally Made Candles
Aroma Locally Made Candles
Aroma Locally Made Candles

Locally Made. Burns evenly & smells divine!

Bermuda Breeze: Tropical Vibe. Sweet. Summers on the Porch dancing with your soulmate 

Bermuda Paradise: Drinking a Frozen Pina Colada on the Beach in your favorite bikini

Jamaican Mango: Just slather me in Body Butter while I eat a mango & burn this candle

Day at the Spa: A day of tranquility. Transports me to a luxury hotel spa

Orange Tea: Great for Gifting. Smells like Home.

Cucumber Mint: Fresh. Makes me want a Gin & Tonic with Ice & Fresh Herbs. Also a Great one for Gifting.

Lavender Vanilla: Classic Sweet Vanilla with a wave of Lavender. Light this up & pour yourself a hot bath!

Coconut Lime Vanilla: Smells like Summer. I’m laying on a Private Island, Hot Skin Soaked in Suntan Lotion.

Berry Rose: Candy and Roses. Sweet Smells for the Bedroom!