Ceramic Smudge Plate Set

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Ceramic Smudge Plate Set
Ceramic Smudge Plate Set
Ceramic Smudge Plate Set

Ceramic Plate & Palo Santo Bundle Set

Collaboration with ceramic artist, Brittany Trushin. Modern handmade stoneware for smudging and resin incense burning.

4" diameter. Non-flammable. 

To clean, rinse and rub vegetable oil on plate and buff with cloth. 

Brittany makes ceramic sculpture, installation and pottery from her studio in Richfield, MN.  She's working towards self-sufficiency and honesty in her work and in her life. She likes her work to show people something that she innately understands about the world: the presence of a subtle, elusory place that exists between fear and beauty. It is here in this place she chooses to create, where fear and beauty exist best together, where they are inextricably entwined.

Made in USA.