Closet Services

Closet Consultations
Need help cleaning up your wardrobe? This can range from assisting you with tidying up, de-cluttering & ensuring you are getting the most out of your belongings! We've broken down options below on all our Closet Services. But please know everything is customizable to suit your specific needs.

The Basics: Stay, Go & What Do I Need? (usually about 2-3 hrs) We happily come to your home to assist you in deciding what to keep, get rid of & make a shopping list of what you need to round things out $250

Step 2: Stay,Go, What I Need & Organize! You'll get all the "basics" of deciding what stays, goes, what you need plus ensuring goods going back into your closet are well organized for easy dressing $300

The Works: Everything as above (stay, go, what you need, organize) but we add additional organizational services through local purchases to ensure your closet is well laid out to make dressing much more easy to navigate. This is a two trip visit, first to sort your wardrobe, second to add purchased product for organization. $400 + cost of goods for organization

* please note that all services give the option of us taking your "donate" pile to our favorite local charity drop offs so it doesn't sit in your car for weeks! xo