Let's Shop Social; but in Real Life

When I look back on my working career, I now know I always had a spark of entrepreneurship in me. The way I reacted in various work life situations proved the habits necessary to push forward in whatever industry I found myself in. Having a love for customer interaction and a background in retail I decided after giving birth to my son in early 2016, and the hurdle of losing my job – it was now or never. I borrowed money and dove in. The commitment to go forward with the idea, borrowing funds, finding a space, products, renovations and physically opening our doors all happened in the span of three short months. Talk about perseverance & dedication! *pats self on back* As I began to write this I am reminded where I came from and my capability to push forward no matter the circumstances.

Since opening our doors in 2016 a lot has changed – the decline of the population, consumer spending habits and taxes have all local businesses; especially retailers on their toes if they want to stay in the game and succeed in this industry. I truly believe we are living in a world of over-saturation. People are glued to technology at every opportunity. We cannot differentiate between what we actually desire vs what has just become a habit or longing through comparison. We hop on board with trends before even asking ourselves if we truly support it ourselves.

Do consumers really get that much better of an experience overseas or are we just so consumed with the nostalgia of it all? It’s not really the shopping; it’s actually the traveling. Shopping is just a symptom of the experience. The plane ride, the change of scenery, a new environment, truly disconnecting from your usual day to day routine. A trip to a shopping mall is just a piece of that puzzle. Have you ever noticed you act differently when you’re in another country? It’s because you feel different. Our HABITS are different because our days are different. We sleep in a bed that isn’t ours. We eat our meals in new places, we’re breathing different air. It’s not the mall that you love, it’s a change in routine.

With so many things on the forefront of young millennial / gen z’s minds like climate change, eco-conscious choices, sustainability, financial security and more, we have to wonder why it doesn’t translate to their shopping habits too? When you shop locally you are lowering your carbon footprint in more ways than one. Think about the air or ocean travel to get your package here when you order a garment online. The extra plastic and boxes or paperwork. God forbid it doesn’t fit and you have to send it back all over again or throw it in the back of your closet to clutter your space, consign it and lose money…. Being able to touch and try on products and interact with real people who make up roughly 4000 island residents who rely on the livelihood of their employment to pay bills and put food on the table just as much as the woman behind a reception desk or the young man waiting tables at your favorite restaurant. It truly is a much better experience. If only we can nix this habitual screen time. Scrolling a sea of online stores that don’t reconnect back to your community, who don’t give to local charities, who don’t provide a means of local sustainability. What is scrolling through a screen giving you that a local boutique cannot?

Within the last six months we have expanded our store by an additional 100 square feet (with stunning harbor views we might add!), expanded our website to offer online sales (so if you must shop online, shop online locally – then if it doesn’t fit, the return is much easier!). We have also started opening on Sundays from 1-5pm which now makes us a seven day a week operation. Bringing you the feeling of “not being in Bermuda” is no longer the motto. We want you to shop in Bermuda, because we ARE in Bermuda – and we’re doing things even better than the United States.

Now what are you waiting for – come say hi, even if you don’t buy!

XO Modblu

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